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Jamon (Jay-Min) Sin is a Chinese American designer residing in Portland, Oregon. Currently, he’s working as a designer at Wieden+Kennedy. His approach to creative work places an emphasis on collaboration and experimentation to create distilled, meaningful pieces. With a passion in simplicity and a keen eye for attention to detail, his work is heavily inspired
by the fundamentals of architecture. In between projects, Jamon enjoys capturing moments through the lens of photography and videography storytelling. If not, you’ll find him watching sports all day—everyday.



Wieden+Kennedy ⇁ Junior Designer
The W+K Asiancy ⇁ Group Co-Lead
AIGA Portland ⇁ Photography Chairperson
AIGA Portland ⇁ Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Jamon Sin Creative ⇁ Freelance


Portland Trail Blazers ⇁ Freelance Graphic Artist
PSU Graphic Design Center ⇁ Graphic Designer
Portland State Vanguard ⇁ Photographer & Multimedia Editor
Portland State Athletics ⇁ Graphic Design Intern
REDe Print Shop ⇁ Print Operator
Portland Tennis & Education ⇁ Coach & Tutor